Laser & Optics Educational Platforms

Advanced Photonic Sciences’ (APS’) Management recently announced that the company has signed an exclusive agreement to represent Dr. Luhs Engineering Offices in North America to distribute, service, and support all Educational Optics, Lasers, Telecom, and Laser Applications Modules.


These modules, developed by Dr. Walter Luhs Photonik Ingenieurbüro in Eschbach, Germany, are thorough, well thought out and executed, educational modules that teach the basic principles of optics and lasers, and applications thereof, in a wide variety of educational settings. These include advanced high schools, community colleges, technical vocational schools, colleges and universities, and military schools. They will now be available and supported in the U.S. and Canada for the first time.

Readers are encouraged to peruse the listing of all the Modules found here, and to download the detailed Photonics Experiments Catalog 2020 found here. Educators will find that the meticulous description accompanying all Modules are very thorough and include a theoretical description of the experiment as well. The parts comprising each module are clearly identified and well-engineered to make the assembly and operation of each Module easy to accomplish.

At APS, we believe that these Modules can make an important contribution to a renewed emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the United States, and in particular to upgrading the experimental teaching of the exciting and increasingly more important field of Photonics. The Modules are particularly applicable to physics, lasers, chemistry, electrical engineering, bio- photonics, and optics academic Departments engaged in teaching photonics as part of their curriculum.

How to Order

From answering basic product and installation questions to the most complex customization requirements, our friendly, highly-trained customer service team is standing by and ready to help regarding any of these educational photonics products.

Please submit this form for any inquiries on the products and services we offer. You may contact us directly via email or phone.