APS’ DPSS laser systems offer many advantages to traditional TO CAN lasers including: low power consumption, minimal heat generation, compact packaging, and reliability that meet the needs of today’s manufacturing processes.

  • DPSSL Beams Are Almost Always Circularly Symmetric (Round Gaussian) And Stay That Way As The Beam Propagates Towards a Remote Target, whereas Semiconductor Diode Beams Are Always Asymmetric, And Propagate That Way, Resulting In An Asymmetric Beam (Non-Uniform) On Target.
  • DPSSL’s often Have A Higher Efficiency Than Semiconductor Diode Lasers.

*Custom Solutions Require Minimum Order Quantity and Have Longer Lead Times Associated*

Product Description

APS’ Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Lasers use premium crystals to stabilize the beam. The result is high power density, excellent beam quality, and high efficiency. DPSS Lasers enable a compact and energy-efficient design.



  • High Power & Compact
  • Various wavelengths, power levels, and package types available on request


  • Tool alignment and positioning
  • Material cutting, drilling, & welding
  • Battery-Powered Light Source

How to Order

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