Laser Diode Micro Module [LDMM]

APS Laser Diode Micro Modules fit any size TO can from any source

APS LDMM (Laser Diode Micro Modules) are an easy way to mount, operate and collimate TO-can style laser diodes. LDMM come in two materials (Aluminum and Copper), selection based on power rating of the chosen diode. For laser diodes with output power up to 1000mW, we suggest the LDMM-Al to be used. For laser diodes with output power within 1-2 Watts, the LDMM-Cu is recommended. For output power higher than 2Watts please refer to our SmartLaser device.

TO-can style laser diodes come in 3.8, 5.6, or 9.0 mm sizes. Aluminum LDMMs are compatible with all three sizes, while Copper LDMMs are only compatible with 5.6 and 9.0 mm sizes and are designed for higher powers.

For a list of diodes that we offer, please visit Low Power Visible Laser Diodes (<1.0W) and/or High Power Visible Laser Diodes (>1.0W)

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