APSci continues to offer miniature power supplies, rectangular and circular heatsinks, thermistors, and thermoelectric coolers. In 2017-2018 we will introduce a number of new ambient temperature offerings, including a variety of thick and thin laser disks, laser disks mounted in heatsink assemblies, and complete diode-pumped solid-state laser pump chambers. These new pump chambers may be supplied with or without diode pump sources, TEC crystal cooling, with or without a diode FAC lens for discrete diodes, integrated thermistors, and with active or passive cooling.


Heat Sink Adapters for MicroGreen and MiniGreen Lasers

As a service for R&D and QC purposes, APS offers heat sink adapters for 5.6 and 9.0 mm TO-can devices in either rectangular or 1-inch diameter format.

The rectangular adapters are designed to be mounted on a thermoelectric cooler, or secured flush against an electrically-isolated larger heat sink, thus assuring satisfactory thermal drain from the laser.

The circular adapters are used in applications where the lasers are operated only a few minutes per event, in low-duty-cycle pulsed mode, or in any other mode with low heat generation.




Power Supplies

Model PS-CW-245 is a miniature DC power supply board designed to power MicroGreen Series with up to 245 mA DC current. The power supply is pigtailed on both ends for easy integration into electronic circuitry and runs off of any 3 Volt batteries or power supply. A potentiometer, located on the top of the board is included for adjusting the current setting.

Model PS-CW-1900 is small DC power supply board, designed to drive any diode or miniature laser up to maximum 1900 mA, including SnakeCreek MiniGreen Series. The board requires an input voltage between 4.5 to 5.5 Volt and up to 700 mA drive current either from a DC power supply or battery. The power supply board is approximately 90% efficient and operates in ambient conditions from -20°C to +85°C.