Warranty and Return Policy

Advanced Photonic Sciences will replace or repair any item sold to a customer that is defective and that is under our one year warranty.  Customers experiencing a problem with any Snake Creek Lasers laser should contact our customer service department by telephone or e-mail (info@apslasers.com) and request an RMA number. Before issuing an RMA number, our customer service department may first put the customer in contact with a Technical Representative to try to resolve the problem before the item is shipped back to APS.  For all out-of-warranty cases, and for cases with undetermined root cause during the warranty period, a purchase order in the amount of $150.00 is required to cover evaluation of the laser product at APS.

The RMA number must appear on the Packing List for any item or items shipped back to Snake Creek Lasers. The Customer always pays for RMA shipment to SCL.

Returned lasers that have obviously been mechanically abused, improperly heat sunk, shorted out, destroyed by electrostatic discharge, driven by a laser driver with switched polarity, or have been subjected to electrical transients are not covered under warranty.

In-Warranty: After repair at APS, it pays for the return shipment.

Out-of-Warranty: The evaluation fee will count towards repair or replacement of defect laser product. Customer pays for the return shipment.