6-Watt Blue Engraving Laser

LE-445-6000 6W Blue 445 nm Engraving, Marking,  and Cutting Diode Laser

 The LE-445-6000 Blue Diode Laser can be used in laser engraving, marking, and cutting applications. Process wood, plastics, metals, anodized aluminum, stone, tile, and other materials. The adjustable spot can be adapted to the needed distance from laser to the material. The spot, with a size of <100 μm, creates very fine engravings and sharp cutting edges. The built-in driver accepts TTL and analog signals for power adjustments. The laser can be controlled between 0% and 100% of output power.  It comes preset and needs only a power supply and a signal source.



  • High Output Power
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Fast Modulation and CW Operation
  • Powerful Fan for Cooling and Fume Removal
  • Plug & Play
  • OEM Style for Ease of Integration
  • Spot Size of <100μm




Laser Specifications

 Model LE-445-6000
 Wavelength (nm)  445 ± 5
 Output Power (mW typ.)  6000 (- 10 to + 25 oC)

 > 5300 (25 to + 40 oC)

 Beam Mode  Low-Order Mode, Near TEM00
 Beam Size at Aperture (mm2)  4 x 1
 Beam Divergence at Aperture  Focus Setting Dependent
 Spot Size (mm)  Adjustable
 Modulation (kHz)  Up To 250
 Modulation Voltage (V)  0 to ≈ 5
 Power Stability After Warmup  < 1 %
 Polarization Orientation  Vertical (+/- 2o)
 Polarization Extinction Ratio  100:1
 Modulation Signal  Analog and TTL
 Rise Time (μsec)  1.4
 Cooling Method  Fan
 Laser Dimensions (mm3)  81 x 62 x 40
 Power Supply (VDC / mA)  9-12 / 4000
 Dimensions (L x H x W)  78 x 62 x 40
 MTTF (Hours)  >10,000
 Operating Temperature (oC)  – 10 to + 40
 Storage Temperature (oC)  – 10 to + 85


Laser Output Power as a Function of Diode Current

LE-445-6000 Datasheet