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The Wide Temperature Range (WTR) Series OEM Module is a laser module with active temperature control, beamforming optics and drive electronics, integrated into an environmental enclosure built to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions.

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Product Description

APS’ WTR Series is an industrial-grade OEM laser module, proven for operation in wide ambient temperature conditions and to withstand severe shock and vibration conditions. It offers two auxiliary 12 Vdc outputs and the laser can be triggered with alternative latch or momentary trigger modes. With large drive-voltage acceptance range (10 to 50 Vdc), the WTR is easy to integrate into OEM applications.

The WTR is currently available with output powers up to 50 mW @ 532nm and 30 mW @ 635 nm wavelengths. Beam-forming optics are available to project dot, line, or cross hair in the single-beam configuration; and dot, line, or a combination thereof, in the dual-beam configuration, respectively. Please call to discuss your application requirements.


  • Power stability over Wide Temperature Range (WTR)

  • Large input voltage acceptance range

  • Alternative latch or momentary trigger modes

  • Two auxiliary 12 VDC outputs

  • Shock/vibration-tested enclosure

  • Single- or Dual-Beam Configurations


  • Forklift Alignment

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