Spot Creator

LE-SC Spot Creator – Symmetric Focal Spots for Engraving, Cutting, and Marking

Spot Creator is an innovative accessory developed for enhancing the performance of blue laser diode based engraving and cutting machines. Spot Creator solves a major problem with using asymmetric blue laser diodes: the  production of engraving features that are different in the X-Y directions, resulting in unequal or blurred lines. Using Spot Creator, line widths are equal in the X-Y directions, with a minimum spot of 50 μm. The intensity on the engraved part is thus maximized.

Three focusing lenses come with Spot Creator, with focal lengths of 30, 50, and 70 mm. Shorter focal lengths produce smaller spot sizes and are well suited to laser engraving. Longer focal lengths are

more appropriate for cutting. The Table shows the spot diameters achieved with the three lenses and 445 nm laser output:

Focal Length (mm) Focal Spot Diameter (μm)
70 100
50 80
30 50

Process wood, plastics, anodized aluminum, stone, tile, and for the first time, stainless steel. Changing the laser power output and scanning speed can create colors as well.

Spot Creator Datasheet