Micro Lasers

MicroGreen XG Series

The Snake Creek Lasers MicroGreen™ XG Series is a remarkable long-term stable diode-pumped solid-state laser packaged in a 9.0 mm diameter device package. Applications include illumination and excitation source for fluorescence-based applications where hours of stable CW operation per event are required.

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MicroGreen Series

The Snake Creek Lasers MicroGreen™ Series is a diode-pumped solid-state laser packaged in a 5.6 mm diameter can–the world’s smallest microchip laser with 532 nm output.  The MicroGreen is available in three power ratings, all with near-diffraction limited output beam with less than 0.05% residual 1064 nm content. The alignment-free optical design is also both rugged and reliable; and its high optical-to-optical conversion efficiency allows the laser to be battery powered. Applications include tool alignment, machine vision, aiming guide, and the green color source in micro-displays.

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MicroGreen APC Series

The Snake Lasers MicroGreen™ APC Series is a diode-pumped solid-state laser with an integrated photo detector, packaged in a 5.6 mm diameter TO-can—the world’s smallest microchip laser with 532nm output. The MicroGreen™ APC delivers constant output power from below 4 and up to 8 mW TEM00 allowing maximum visibility of green laser light over more than 30° C of changes in ambient temperature. The alignment-free optical design is both rugged and reliable: and its high optical-to-optical conversion efficiency allows the laser to be battery operated. Applications include aiming, alignment, pointing or other dynamic applications.

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MiniGreen Series

The Snake Creek Lasers MiniGreen™ Series is a diode-pumped solid-state laser packaged in a 9.0 mm diameter, and less than 1 cm3can–the world’s highest power density (mW/cm3) 532nm microchip laser.

Snake Creek’s quest for miniaturization resulted in a mass-producible, alignment-free optical design with near-diffraction limited and high electrical-to-optical efficiency output beam with less than 0.5% residual 1064nm power content; also resulting in a DPSS laser with high-G force tolerance and inherent reliability.
Options include active power-stabilization, high polarization ratio, and screening service to select and identify the optimum condition for narrow or broad line-width operation. Applications for MicroGreen Series include excitation source for bio-fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, metrology, semiconductor inspection, alignment, pointing, illumination, and the green color source in RGB displays.

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MiniGreenTM Series with High Polarization

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MiniGreen APC Series

The MiniGreen™ APC Series is a diode-pumped solid-state lasers with an integrated 532nm photo detector, packaged in a 9.0 mm diameter TO-can—the world’s highest power density microchip laser with green output. The MiniGreen™ APC is tested for constant output power capability at a set target when subjected to large ambient temperature changes. Applications include aiming, alignment, pointing, or other dynamic applications with human eye interaction or instrumentation applications where temperature control with TEC is too bulky or power consuming.

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MiniIR Series

The MiniIR™ laser is a new solid-state Snake Creek Lasers product developed in response to customer demand. The laser produces over 250 mW of CW 1064 nm output power in a diffraction-limited beam. This device can be used with standard Snake Creek Lasers heat sinks for 9.0 mm and Model PS-CW-1900 power supply. The output of this laser is circularly symmetric and can be collimated with simple spherical lenses. It competes favorably with ~ 1 micron diode lasers whose output is astigmatic and requires special optics to produce a semi-collimated beam. MiniIR Series is ideal for use in near-infrared illuminators, for performing 1064 nm gain experiments, and for laser system alignment.

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MiniIR-XG-1550 Miniature CW Eye-Safe Solid-State Laser

Ideal For CW Eye-Safe Laser Illumination and Covert Imaging

  • 50 mW TEM00, > 200 mW CW Output Power Low-Order Mode
  • Diode-Pumped Yb, Er:Glass Laser
  • M2 < 1.1
  • Excellent Short and Long-Term Power Stability
  • Small TO Type Package
  • Lightweight and Rugged

Download MiniIR-XG-1550 Data Sheet