Integrated Laser Systems (ILS-445-50/100/150/200W)

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APS new Integrated Laser Systems (ILS) product line features a family of fully integrated systems, available in various powers and wavelengths. Enclosed in a standard 19″ Rack Cabinet is a fiber-coupled laser fueled by a high-efficiency power supply, and water-cooled by a thermo-electric chiller. This product includes a blue 445nm laser capable of powering up to 200W.

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Product Description

The ILS-445 contains a 445nm blue diode with either 50W, 100W, 150W, or 200W of laser power. The system offers an array of controls and settings which with a brief description, can provide a means for operation in any use case necessary. A full discussion of these controls and settings can be found in the Operation Manual. Monitoring signals and interlocking safety mechanisms provide a means to further integrate this laser system with any desired application.

The assembly includes a rack-mounted TEC chiller, driver, laser, and other components. This product is designed to be assembled and ready for use upon delivery. The assembly should not be taken apart to avoid risking functionality and/or warranty.

Alternate Diode Wavelengths/Powers That Are Available:

  • 793nm: 30-180W
  • 808nm: 25-150W
  • 878nm: 65-170W 
  • 888nm: 120-170W 
  • 915nm: 30-370nm
  • 940nm: 20-70W
  • 976nm: 60-700W


  • High-Efficiency Power Supply
  • Integrated Chiller Water-Cooling
  • SMA Fiber Mating Sleeve
  • Integrated Beam Collimation
  • Standard 19" Rack Cabinet Enclosure
  • Safety Interlocks and Stops


  • Material Softening
  • Engraving
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Nuclear Research

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