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The ION-10A is a new laser driver designed to have very high modulation frequencies at very high current.

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Product Description

With high gain, many different types of lasers that require high current can be driven with this device. With the incorporation of a separate voltage option connection, very high voltage lasers can be used with this as well. It utilizes fast hysteresis circuitry along with charge pump voltage regulation to achieve high-frequency/high-power modulation. Mounted onto an aluminum heat-sink, the device comes with a standard 1/4-20" 1" spacing through holes for optical table mounting. It can achieve frequencies of up to 10MHz with peak currents of 25 amps if desired. With an average maximum current of 10 amps, the device can also be used as a conventional DC driver with interlocking and enabling features, perfect for plug in applications requiring a source to power a laser. With it’s feed-forward circuitry approach, high speeds at high current can allow any kind of load source to be driven. It only requires the user to measure the desired output current which can then be maintained for the rest of its operation.


  • Feed-Forward Control Approach
  • Up to 10 Amps of Average Current
  • 10 MHz of Modulation at 25A
  • Very High Peak Current 
  • Breadboards Mounting Pattern
  • Selectable Laser Voltage Supply
  • Fast Hysteresis
  • Dual-Rail Charge Pump Topology


  • High Speed Laser Modulation
  • Overdriving Laser Diodes
  • Clean Laser Power Driver
  • Frequency Domain 
  • Radiation Thermography
  • System Integration
  • High Voltage Laser Supplies 

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