445 nm, 6000 mW, 50-um Spot Creator

445 nm, 6000 mW, 50-um Spot Creator

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  • Simple Installation On X-Y-Z CNC Machines
  • Adjustable Focusing Lens to Create 50, 80, and 100 Micron Diameter Spots
  • Create High Intensities on Target
  • Self-Contained Fully Integrated Laser Module Including High Power Blue Diode, Active Cooling, Beam-Forming Optics, and Power Supply
  • Stable Output Power
  • Precision Engineering
  • Rapid Engraving, Etching, and Marking
  • Modulate Up To 250 kHz
  • Proportional Control in CW Mode Using 5V CW Signal
  • High Efficiency
  • Simple to Power Up and Operate



  • Most Advanced High Power Blue Laser For Laser Engraving, Etching, and Marking
  • Higher Speed Materials Processing Due to High Power and Small Focal Spot Size
  • Create Symmetric Spot Size Down to 50 Microns, Perfect For Precision Engraving, Etching, and Marking Most Metals, Including Stainless Steel
  • Use to Engrave, Mark, Cut, and Drill a Wide Variety of Metals and Soft Materials, Including Foam, Plastics, and Various Woods
  • Perfect Pump Source For Ti:Sapphire Ultrafast Oscillators
  • Pump Other Solid-State Lasers Including Pr:YLF, Cr:LiSAF, Cr:LiCAF, Cr:LiSGaF, and Cr:BeAl2O3
  • Wide Area Illumination Applications, Including Laser Light Shows


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