Press Release

Snake Creek Lasers, LLC is now
doing business as Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC (“APS”)

Friendsville, PA – December 12, 2017 – Snake Creek Lasers, LLC Management announced
today to do business as Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC to better reflect the overall science
and technology foundations of the company as well as the broad photonic-based business areas
the company addresses.

Snake Creek Lasers, LLC, doing business as Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC, will continue
its business, R&D, and manufacturing operations from the same facility in Friendsville, PA:

26741 State Route 267
Suite 2
Friendsville, PA 18818
Tel: (570) 553-1120

About Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC

Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC will continue to develop, manufacture, and support its legacy
microlaser and laser module products, and to expand our microlaser offerings. We provide
miniature diode pumped solid state lasers, laser systems, and laser modules to a large number of
industrial and government organizations worldwide for biomedical, illumination, and aiming
Advanced Photonic Sciences, LLC is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high
average power cryogenic lasers, and develops diode-pumped solid-state lasers operating in the
UV, visible, and near and mid-infrared spectral regions. We also conduct research and
development in collaboration with a number of organizations to develop novel new optical and
laser materials.

Business Relations: Lisa Vitali
Tel: (570)553-1123

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