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APS Press Releases

12/12/17 Snake Creek Lasers,LLC is Now Doing Business As Advanced Photonic Sciences (“APS”)
To better reflect the overall science and technology foundation of the company, Management has decided to also do business as Advanced Photonic Sciences (APS). Click here to view full press release

12/12/17 MiniGreen Laser Aboard International Space Station. 
A 150-mW MiniGreen lasers has recently been commissioned for operation on the International Space Station.  Click here to view full press release


SCL Press Releases

7/26/2016 New Long-Term Stable Miniature Green Laser
The combination of small size and near-diffraction limited output beam makes the new MicroGreen XG series a unique and low-cost 532 nm laser source for illumination and fluorescence-based applications where hours of stable CW operation per event is required. Click here to view full press release

5/22/2014 WTR Module for Sale
The WTR Series has been in production under an OEM contract for five years, now released for sale into a broader market. The WTR has matured into a product with exceptional shock and vibration tolerance, also adapted for use in wide ambient temperature conditions. Click here to view full press release