4.5 W Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode

FCL-445-4500, 4.5 W 445nm Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode

Parameter Condition Symbol     Absolute Maximum Value Unit
Forward Current Tc = 25°C If 4.5 A
Reverse Current Tc = 25°C Ir 85 mA
Storage Temperature Ambient Tamb -40  to  +85 °C
Operating Temperature Case Tc 0  to  + 50 °C
Parameter Condition Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Output Power If = 4.0 A P0 4.5 5 W
Central Wavelength If = 4.0 A λd 440 450 nm
Threshold Current CW Ith 300 450 mA
Slope Efficiency CW ƞ 1.1 W/A
Operating Voltage If = 4.0 A Vop 4.0 5.0 V
Fiber Core Diameter 105 µm
Cladding Diameter 0.85 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.22
Fiber Length 1 m
Fiber Connector SMA905


Laser Safety Warning

This is a Class 4 OEM laser product, intended to be incorporated
into a device. It may not meet safety requirements given by the
Safety precautions are to be taken prior to use this laser.
Avoid eye or skin exposure. Laser radiation must be prevented from leaving
the laser working area. Use appropriate shield to block the laser light.

FCL-445-4500 Datasheet